Faith Family Style - Milestone Pebble Ministry

Faith Family Style is integrated in the Christian education at South Canyon Lutheran Church to promote generations growing together in faith. It recognizes and reinforces the partnership between home and church by honoring baptismal promises and acknowledging the home as the primary center for faith--faith is formed in the home! We believe that what is central to faith formation are what David Anderson of Augsburg Youth and Family Institute calls the "Four Keys" (1. Caring Conversations 2. Family Rituals and Traditions 3. A Family Devotional Life 4. Service to Others.)

One way in which we celebrate our lives of faith with our young people is through our "Milestone Pebble Ministry." In this way, families are connected to each other and the church. Milestones include:

  • Baptism

  • First Anniversary of Baptism

  • Entering Sunday School

  • Third Grade Bibles

  • Fourth Grade Study of Mark

  • Entering Confirmation

  • First Communion

  • Beginning Mentor Program

  • Confirmation

  • High School Graduation

Let's grow together in faith!