Friend-Ship Preschool

Searching for an educational experience for your preschool child? Consider South Canyon Lutheran Church's Friend-Ship Preschool. We think you'll be pleased with the positive learning environment in which your child can learn about the world around him/her. Preschool should be an opportunity for your child to separate from home for regular periods of time in a secure environment. We provide just that.

Friend-Ship Preschool is a Christian preschool sponsored by and located at South Canyon Lutheran Church. Financial support comes from monthly tuitions.

Friend-Ship strives to provide your child with a happy group play experience so that he/she will emerge at the end of the year more emotionally, socially, and physically mature, and more skilled in solving the problems in his/her daily living.

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

Ages:    3 year olds

Cost:    $85.00 for South Canyon Lutheran Church Members

            $95.00 for non-members

Time:   9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday am CLASSES

Ages:    Pre-Kindergarten 

Cost:    $130.00 for South Canyon Lutheran Church Members

            $140.00 for non-members

Time:   8:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.



Ages:    Pre-Kindergarten 

Cost:    $125.00 for South Canyon Lutheran Church Members

            $135.00 for non-members

Time:   12:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.


The year at Friend-Ship Preschool includes lots of choices! Some activities included in daily routine are creative dramatics, stories and music, listening games, independant learning centers, gross and fine motor activities, science, math, and reading readiness. Units include such themes as Terrific Trees, Let's Go!, Creepy Crawlies, and Dinosaurs. Parents are welcome to visit and join the fun!

Our Goals

The experiences in preschool that provides for a child's physical, mental, social and emotional development should promote the following goals:

  • To develop a positive self-concept and a feeling of accomplishment

  • To discover that he/she is a person to be valued for his/her own uniqueness -- a child of God

  • To develop a sense of responsibility as an individual and member of a group

  • To develop skills in decision making and conflict resolution

  • To recognize the rights of others, to wait for turns, listen when others are speaking, and share

  • To enjoy music, stories, poems, movement and creative arts

  • To express him/herself verbally with spontaneity and confidence

  • To improve motor control and dexterity

  • To develop readiness for learning skills

  • To experience a wide variety of first hand experiences, with the flexibility to progress according to his/her own abilities

For more information about Friend-Ship Preschool, please call (605) 343-4887 and ask to talk to one of the preschool instructors or fill out the form below:

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