Our mission is to See, Grow, Serve to the Glory of God

See - We are called to see that the Good News of Jesus Christ offers salvation and hope to a troubled world and constant support to our daily life.

Grow - We are called to grow in our personal faith life and in the sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ to people in our community using fully the abundant human and financial resources of our members.

Serve - We are called to serve, recognizing that the whole world is God's creation and the object of God's love.

Our vision for South Canyon Lutheran Church

Quality in our worship life together - We center our community's life and find our source of strength through Word and Sacrament. Hearing God's life-giving Word is our priority. Clearly communicating to the hopes and fears of people today is our purpose. Nurturing the faith of our worshipping community propels us into the world for service.

Quality education - It is vital that our members are biblically and theologically literate so that we know what it means to be Christian in today's world and can effectively share God's love with those we meet in our daily lives.

Quality care and outreach - We care for each other as God cares for us. We are an inviting community ready and willing to open our arms to those in need.

Quality significant relational groups - Encouraging and promoting significant relational groups is an important way that we can be cared for in our congregation. Small groups give us a place to be ourselves and be accepted by others. They are also a place where we can serve and minister to each other.

South Canyon Lutheran Church is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), if you would like more information on what we believe, please see: ELCA - What We Believe.