"The Voices of Lent"

For centuries, Lent has been a powerful worship experience in the life of the church.  Christians have gathered to hear the story of the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of the world. Lent is a special opportunity to help us grow in our faith life.

On Wednesdays during Lent, a dramatic presentation will be offered entitled, "The Voices of Lent."  In this dramatic series, six biblical characters (Peter; Dora, the woman at the well; Marah, the woman who washed Jesus' feet; Nicodemus; Stephanus, the rich young ruler; Judith, a servant girl) share brief point-of-view reflections about their encounters with Jesus, then conclude by extinguishing one candle each Wednesday of Lent, counting down to Holy Week.

We encourage you to invite a friend to join you at our special Lenten worship services, to listen and learn from "The Voices of Lent." Please join us on this journey, as we countdown to Easter,  the day when "He is risen as he said!"